Check Capability Work

Increase the performance and value of business capabilities and projects.

Business capability teams provide a framework for improving the quality of engagement between business and technology teams, thus increasing business performance and value.

Seven Critical Processes

Effective business capabilities require robust technology and business engagement. Organizations must manage information technology like any scarce resource (people, time, and CAPEX/OPEX).

Many business leaders are concerned with ...

Whether or not their organizations realize an adequate return from technology investments.

Effectively implemented and managed business capabilities can make an organization more productive and profitable.

Business capabilities not planned and managed effectively, or that do not satisfy an organization’s business needs, can sap an organization’s ability to compete, resulting in:

  • Increased total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Decreased productivity.
  • Disruptions in customer service.
  • Poor customer experience.
  • Low employee morale.
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Gartner provides the following key insights for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of IT:

  • Effective technology–business engagement can increase technology performance, such as project on-time/on-budget delivery and technology-enabled business growth or efficiency, by up to 54 percent.
  • Only 40 Percent of IT – business teams are highly engaged.
  • People skills and business understanding are significant drivers of engagement.
  • Frequent, formal conversations about strategic issues and the IT–business relationship drive engagement.
  • Strengthen the IT–business interface through clearly defined roles and behaviors.

IT–business engagement is “an enduring, collaborative relationship between technology and business partners where the goal is increased business and IT technology performance.”



Think of Demand Management as a funnel that screens and filters thousands of business opportunities on the top end, resulting in the approval of a vital few projects that best align with business strategy and needs on the bottom end.

Principles and Standards






Robust management processes are necessary to deliver consistent, successful IT services and outcomes. The seven business capability engagement processes described above are critical to establishing and maturing the relationship between technology and Business. Successful business outcomes don’t come without some level of pain and learning.

Consistent, formal, high-quality interactions that engage in strategic, relationship-focused discussions drive the most significant improvement in technology–business performance. The seven processes described in this lesson enable such ongoing dialogue.

Take the steps now to contact your technology or business partners and discuss the presence and strength of these seven business capability engagement processes.